These books and materials are featured because they are considered by our editors as the best on the market. If we haven't read/owned/used/lived-with them, we won't recommend them!
The Art Spirit
One of the great art classics: a cornucopia of quotes and teachings of such wisdom and insight that you will want to keep it next to your easel by day and your bedside by night.
Drawing with Children
If you've ever wondered where to start with learning to draw, this is the place. In a gentle, non-threatening manner, Mona Brookes communicates her brilliant, proven method of building drawing skills for not only children, but the child within us all.
Drawing for Older Children and Teens
The same great premise as Drawing with Children presented in more depth with new exercises. The next logical step to greater drawing confidence.
Watercolor Flower Artist's Bible
This is a great little spiral-bound book that covers all the basics of watercolour painting in a floral format. Whether or not you love florals, the techniques and examples are presented expertly enough to transfer to any subject matter.
Watercolor Artist's Bible
All the basic watercolour techniques with informative step-by-step examples throughout. Much like the Flower Artist's Bible above, but with emphasis on differing subject matter.
Art Materials
Staedtler Omnichrome Pencils
These are wonderful! Somewhere between the consistency of water-soluble pencil crayons and china-markers, these pencils come in a small array of colours, will mark on almost any surface and are water-soluble. Great with acrylic paints in a multi-media format!